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Magnesium Spray 60ml

Magnesium Spray 60ml
Magnesium Spray 60ml

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Amazing Oils handy sized Magnesium Spray made with Organically-Certified Magnesium from the remote deserts of Australia. This is a great and effective way to raise your Magnesium levels. 

This can be used as a daily treatment for general aches and pains. For head aches, spraying a small amount at the base of your neck or use this to help treat sore muscles or restless leg by applying directly to the problem areas.Use this spray to reach those difficult-to-reach places and/or can be used under the arms as an effective deodorant. This product is odourless, non oily and highly effective. It is perfect for keeping in the sports bag, in the car, for travel or on the bathroom shelf next to your deodorant so you can make daily application part of your routine. 

Magnesium is very important for our general health and many people are deficient without even realising. Magnesium is necessary for many biochemical reactions that take place in our bodies, including helping the digestive process, muscle function, producing energy, bone production, activating Vitamin B, helping create new cells, helping with muscle relaxation, and assisting with kidney, adrenal, nervous system and brain functions, just to name a few. Early signs of Magnesium deficiency include muscle cramps & twitches, mood swings and low energy levels.

  • An effective, odourless, non-oily, organic magnesium spray - Size 60ml
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