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Elite Natural Mascara

Elite Natural Mascara
Elite Natural MascaraElite Natural MascaraElite Natural MascaraElite Natural MascaraElite Natural Mascara

This product is...

made from beeswax and completely natural....

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Brush on Fibre Lash Mascara is the newest way of extending your eyelashes naturally, without clumping or mess and it doesn't require any glue or false lashes. 
The product is applied  in 60 seconds and is super light & comfortable to wear, using  two products in simple steps.

This Fibre Lash Brush on Mascara contains natural Beeswax that thickens and extends your lashes up to 300% in volume. Elite formula contains natural high grade moisturising beeswax and  black fibres which instantly give dramatically thicker and longer lashes. After using this product for a period of time it can stimulate, lengthen and thicken the natural lashes. This product lasts up to four months with continuous daily use.

Each Fibre Lash kit has a two separate wands, Firstly the mascara, a transplanting gel and a dry black extension fibre wand.
How does this Product work?

Elite Fibre Lash Brush on Mascara transplanting gel is made from high grade moisturising beeswax which stimulates lash growth, helping to thicken and lengthen natural lashes.  They use a base natural beeswax ingredient which is both anti-bacterial and moisturising and won't leave your lashes dry and brittle. Elite Fibre Lashes uses BLACK fibres, made from non-toxic ingredients making it suitable for those with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.  It's easy to remove with warm water and a cotton pad. 

How to apply
Apply  15- 20 strokes generous coats of Transplanting Mascara Gel to clean dry eyelashes.

Brush on immediately Approx 10 -15 strokes Fibres before the Transplanting Mascara Gel dries, position wand in the middle of your lash and brush to the ends, avoid fibres being too close to eyes.
Apply another coat Approx 10 -15 strokes
of 'Transplanting Mascara Gel' to seal the fibres in place to avoid fibres falling off.

Repeat steps 1-3 for an even more dramatic look.

  • Natural Lash Extending Mascara
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