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Magnesium Bath Flakes 200g

Magnesium Bath Flakes 200g
Magnesium Bath Flakes 200gMagnesium Bath Flakes 200g

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Magnesium Bath Flakes 200g by Amazing Oils.

Pure, organically sourced Magnesium Chloride flakes, from the pristine salt lakes of Australia.
...a wonderful way to increase your Magnesium uptake while relaxing in a warm bath.
This concentrated form of Magnesium allows full absorption into muscles, nerves and tissue, helping you relax & bathe away any aches & pains. 
You can use this for foot baths as well as big baths and spas.
One single soak in these luxurious Magnesium Chloride flakes will provide you with more than just relaxation. 
Amazing Oils recommend 2-3 baths per week in conjunction with daily use of your Magnesium Spray or Gel.
Also excellent to use before bed.

Magnesium is very important for our general health and many people are deficient without even realising. Magnesium is necessary for many biochemical reactions that take place in our bodies, including helping the digestive process, muscle function, producing energy, bone production, activating Vitamin B, helping create new cells, helping with muscle relaxation, and assisting with kidney, adrenal, nervous system and brain functions, just to name a few. Early signs of Magnesium deficiency include muscle cramps & twitches, mood swings and low energy levels. Bathing with Magnesium Flakes a few times a week can make the world of difference!

  • Magnesium Bath Flakes 200g
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