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Denk Classic Brazier

Denk Classic Brazier
Denk Classic BrazierDenk Classic BrazierDenk Classic BrazierDenk Classic BrazierDenk Classic Brazier

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Classic Brazier Dimensions w 34cm / h 18cm / 6kg

Braziers by Denk bring light, warmth and the romance of an open fire to your garden or outdoor space. They are easy to use, quick to heat up, hassle free and transportable. Their stylish designs, unique heat proof ceramic and sustainable production practices make these an awesome addition to any home. They are made of CeraFlam®, a unique ceramic which is permanently heat-resistant, stores heat for a very long time and comes with a 15 year warranty from Denk.

The classic one-piece brazier is light, easily transportable and can be used anywhere around your home from a balcony, patio or deck to the beach for a picnic. It can be used for warmth and to create atmosphere or simply to cook. 

DENK ceramics is a family business and they are extremely passionate about unique, beautiful ceramics. From the quality materials they work with to the high standards of production they use. Their methods are based on sustainable principles while protecting precious resources. They manufacture their products in Coburg, Germany, handmade using unique artisanal techniques and with staff they have personally trained while prioritising honesty, quality, integrity and durability before anything else. Their items have been deliberately manufactured to display the traces of individual craftsmanship and the beauty of the ceramic material. Every single creation manufactured contains the knowledge and passion of their skilled staff making it unique. 

All their materials are free from heavy metals and other toxic or harmful substances making their ceramics food-safe.  

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  • Handmade with love by Denk in Germany
  • $249.00  
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