Our Descriptive Icons

 We have created some cute little icons to help you identify the special qualities and features of our products easily.

Tree Hugga | organic productsOrganic

This icon highlights products containing materials that are naturally derived from living organisms and are developed using natural processes.  Most organic items we stock will carry Australian, NZ, United States, Canadian or EU-Eco organic certification.

Tree Hugga | Sustainable productsSustainable

These products provide environmental, social and economic benefits whilst protecting public health and the environment throughout the duration of the products life cycle.  The cycle starts when the raw materials are extracted from nature, through until the final responsible disposal of the product.

Tree HuggaRecycled

Our recycled products are made using waste materials to reduce consumption and overall environmental impact. Products displaying this icon may be manufactured/crafted using part or 100% recycled materials.

Tree HuggaFair

Our fair icon represents both fair trade and/or fairness to animals. Fair Trade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in both the western and developing worlds. Products displaying this icon have come from businesses which focus on and guarantee fair conditions and processes.  Fair to animals means products are produced cruelty free and/or are free from animal products.  These products are cruelty free or vegan products.


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