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DENK Ceramics :: TreeHugga 

Tree Hugga are very excited to introduce these beautiful quality, unique, sustainable products to Australia, made in Germany by DENK. A lovely range of Braziers and Wax Burners making a beautiful addition to your home, garden or outdoor space. 

Jutta and Fabian, the creators of DENK ceramics, a family business, are extremely passionate about ceramics. From the quality materials they work with to the high standards of production they use. Their methods are based on sustainable principles while protecting precious resources. They manufacture their products in Coburg, Germany, handmade using unique artisanal techniques and with staff they have personally trained while prioritising honesty, quality, integrity and durability before anything else.

Their items have been deliberately manufactured to display the traces of individual craftsmanship and the beauty of the ceramic material. Every single creation contains the knowledge and passion of their skilled staff.

All their materials are free from heavy metals and other toxic or harmful substances making their ceramics food-safe.

The unique materials they produce include:

Granicium® is the world’s only granite ceramic. Using effective microorganisms and lactic acid cultures, DENK transform granite powder from the quarry into malleable “granite clay”. A great deal of care and specialist technique is required to make it into each unique piece. Granicium® is made at a very high firing temperature. It has the same properties as its mineral starting product and is very durable, frost-proof and robust.

CeraNatur® is an unglazed, completely natural ceramic and is based on a sandstone-coloured clay. This local clay is a geological peculiarity that is found in a thin layer of earth in the Coburg region of Germany. CeraNatur® is fired at a high temperature to ensure it is robust and frost-proof. It is pleasantly smooth and stain resistant with naturally changing brown tones so its colour ranges from light beige to natural brown.

CeraLava® is developed from ore-rich lava sand. An anthracite-coloured (almost black) ceramic, whose vibrancy and appearance harmonises particularly well with fire. As well as being a truly original material, CeraLava® is as robust as it is frost-proof. Despite its monochrome surface, this special ceramic radiates both warmth and depth.

Have a look at our gorgeous Braziers and Wax Burners here.

DENK :: TreeHugga :: Granicium XL Outdoor Wax Burner