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Woohoo! Why We Love Woohoo Deodorant Paste

Samantha Watson - Wednesday, May 03, 2017
It’s an all-natural deodorant paste. It comes in a little pot. It smells delicious. It feels fantastic and the absolute best thing of all about All Natural Woohoo Deodorant Paste is, it actually works! The other brilliant fact about it is, anyone can use it, male or female – it doesn’t discriminate.
And did you know it has been voted Best Natural Deodorant 2017 by Nature & Health Magazine and we sell it here at TreeHugga!

Woohoo all-natural deodorant paste::@treehugga.com.au
If you have found a natural deodorant that works for you – great, that’s wonderful news BUT, if you are still searching and wondering if you will ever find a natural deodorant that works, that doesn’t irritate or annoy you, look no further.

Woohoo! - available in 2 gorgeous flavours with a new one in the pipeline coming soon. For men, women, all humans that sweat and don’t want to stink. Its tested on people, not animals; contains all natural (mainly organic) ingredients & pure essential oils; is free from aluminium salts, phthalates & parabens, is made here in Australia and smells delicious. It’s also excellent value for money as you only need to use a very small amount and it lasts for ages.

 Woohoo all-natural deodorant paste::@treehugga.com.au     Woohoo all-natural deodorant paste::@treehugga.com.au

How did we discover this wonderful new product? I hear you ask…
Well, my husband sweats (believe it or not, we all do to some degree and so we should!). In a very healthy, normal, busy life-style type of way, he is prone to sweaty armpits. And like many people he has used deodorants and antiperspirants a lot, since he was a young adult. We have literally spent years searching for a good quality natural deodorant that works for him as he would keep going back to the scary sprays of aluminium loaded deodorants and antiperspirants – the smell of which would make me feel sick. And, an added complication is .. he has sensitive skin. So, on our journey to find a suitable non-toxic, natural deodorant that works, he would come out in a rash or he would get sore armpits or they simply wouldn’t work and he would sweat, get BO and then in desperation would reach again for the mainstream spray options. Not good!

And then, Woohoo!  Yes, about a year ago, we discovered All Natural Woohoo Deodorant Paste.  The first deodorant that he hasn’t reacted to, completely and reliably works and he smells delicious and isn’t worrying about getting BO while at work or at the gym. It took his body a few weeks to adjust and to detox enough to allow a natural deodorant to work and do its thing. And now he does not leave home without it. Apart from smelling good, feeling good, he can relax and be safe in the knowledge that he smells great all day.

What does it look like & how do I use it? …  

It comes as a paste, you stick the tip of your finger in and scrape off a little mini pea sized lump and you warm it slightly between your finger tips and wipe on under your beautifully freshly washed, clean arm pits – hair or non-hair – the Woohoo does not care! It dries on naturally & is absorbed into your underarm and does its wonderful magic, allowing your body to sweat as its meant to whilst absorbing all the nasties that can cause unpleasant smells.
All-Natural Woohoo Deodorant Paste::@treehugga.com.au 

To find out more about Woohoo & how it was created and what it does, read this wonderful blog from the healthy happy people themselves – the creators of Woohoo here

Whether you are a professional, suit-wearing business person, a hot sweaty gym junkie, a super-mum, active-wearing yoga guru or an all-natural hippy dude, it does not matter. If you no longer want to stink and you want to be an all-natural deodorant wearing, earth loving, healthy, happy person -  you need look no further than Woohoo! Right now, only $16.95 from TreeHugga, check it out here!
Is there anyone you know who would benefit from a gorgeous gift – comes beautifully wrapped in brown paper packaging and tied up with string or a little gift for yourself perhaps? Normal postage fee applies or spend over $50 on beautify and nurture products to qualify for free delivery.

Locals (yes, you central coasties!) – TreeHugga is happy to deliver locally – get in touch here and find out how you can avoid the postage fees. 

Keep Smiling & Smelling Good TreeHuggas

Spicy Tequila Prawns

Samantha Watson - Friday, February 10, 2017

Sams Spicy Tequila Prawns::@treehugga.com.au

I love to eat. I love to cook. I love good quality, home grown and organic ingredients when possible but most of all I love exciting flavours. I also adore essential oils and love to incorporate them in both my eating and cooking. Recently we had a little party at the TreeHugga home and I wanted to make something simple and tasty to share that would be quick and easy to prepare. Our local fish shop had some beautiful fresh Australian banana prawns and here is the recipe that I tweaked to suit us and they went down a treat. The secret (apart from all of the gorgeous ingredients including tequila & the essential oils) is the marinade time - almost 24 hours in total, which really allows the marinade sauce to soak into the prawns. And of course the preparation. Peeling & gutting the prawns, which my wonderful husband did, leaving the tails on making them easy to grab off the serving platter. 


Sam’s Spicy Tequila Prawns

These are the quantities I chose. Adjust quantities according to personal taste.

Banana Prawns 2kg

Tequila 1-2 cups

Olive oil ½ cup

Garlic 2 cloves finely chopped

Cilantro Essential Oil 6 drops (or a bunch of freshly chopped coriander leaves)

Lime Essential Oil 3 drops (or 1-2 limes freshly squeezed)

Lemon Essential Oil 3 drops (or 1 lemon freshly squeezed)

Habanero Very Hot Sauce 10 drops (or finely chopped fresh chilli or tabasco)


Patiently peel all the banana prawns. Place all the ingredients into a bowl with the prawns and massage in so all the prawns are well covered and fairly juicy (hence I added more tequila). The essential oils are VERY potent & concentrated so you literally only need a few drops. If using fresh juice, then reduce your other liquids (ie. Tequila). Cover and leave in fridge overnight. Mine had nearly 24 hours of marinading which makes a huge difference to the flavours.

Stir fry in a hot wok with a splash of olive oil (2-3 mins) & serve. Enjoy!


 Spicy Tequila Prawns::Treehugga.com.au

We love Love Mae Bamboo

Samantha Watson - Wednesday, February 01, 2017
Love Mae Bamboo Cups::@treehugga.com.au

Love Mae ~ make gorgeous, quality, ethically sourced bamboo cups, plates and gift sets here in Australia. Suitable for children or adults who love a bit of funky love in their sustainable home & here at TreeHugga we just adore them.

Why Bamboo by Love Mae?

To put it simply…

They have chosen bamboo because they care about the planet and the little people it supports, but to get a bit more technical....

all of their Bamboo tableware is made from the bi-product of the bamboo industry, the left overs that no-one uses. They then take these leftovers and grind them to a powder, then add food grade binding resin and pour it into a mould. It is then treated not unlike porcelain where it is baked twice, first time to shape the product, the second time a decal is applied and it is sealed.
Much love and care goes into these beautifully designed and well made products. 
Surely you would love your little one eating off such gorgeous bamboo plates or drinking from pretty cups that are also kind to the planet. The quality is amazing and of course the design is too cute for words. Check out some wonderful goodies here.

Bamboo Plates by Love Mae::@treehugga.com.au                Bamboo Cups by Love Mae::@treehugga.com.au 

All pieces are:

- BPW and Phthalates free

- Toxic-free

- Biodegradable

- Dishwasher top rack as recommended

- FDA & LFGB food safe approved

- Recommended working temperature: -20oc to 80oc

- Not suitable for microwave or oven use

- Stain Proof

- Supervision with this product is recommended at all times for children under 4 years old.

Love Mae Bamboo Gifts::@treehugga.com.au

Beautiful Sustainable Outdoor Ceramics for your home

Samantha Watson - Monday, November 07, 2016

We love DENK Ceramics here at TreeHugga for many reasons but first and foremost it is the beautiful designs and fabulous quality of their original handmade products. Whether you are after something huge and sophisticated like their gorgeous fire pits – a bold brazier for your garden or outdoor space, these make a fine addition to any home, check them out here

DENK Comfy Brazier::treehugga.com.au  DENK Feurio Brazier::TreeHugga.com.au
~Comfy Brazier Dimensions w 55cm / h 46cm / 24.5kg ~
~ Feurio Brazier Dimensions w 65cm / h 32cm / 27.4kg ~

Or perhaps something a little subtler for an outdoor fire on a smaller scale. The Classic Brazier is the perfect addition to any home and easily portable so that you can even take it camping or to the beach. 
DENK Classic Brazier::treehugga.com.au
Classic Brazier Dimensions w 34cm / h 18cm / 6kg

Maybe you are after some subtle lighting, something atmospheric for your garden, balcony or terrace, the Outdoor Wax Burners are so versatile and can be used everywhere and anywhere outside. Their clever design makes them very robust, wind proof and frost proof so perfect for all year around.
DENK Outdoor Wax Burners::treehugga.com.au

Or perhaps you are wanting something a little different for cooking outside. Fed up and bored of the old BBQ? Don’t like the mess and hassle of the fondue set? Then the CosyRoast may be the answer to your dreams – elegant, clean, simple, outdoor cooking. Keep meal times social without someone being stuck in the kitchen or at the BBQ. Cook healthy veggies, fish or a curry or use for pancakes and desserts, the options are endless! These are new to Australia and disappearing fast, so get your orders in now for Christmas (next delivery due end of November).

DENK Cosyroast::TreeHugga.com.au

And the other reason we love DENK Ceramics here at TreeHugga – apart from the high quality, beautiful design and craftsmanship of their gorgeous products, is because of their sustainable practices. Giving back to the environment while preserving precious resources. All of their products are handmade using unique artisanal techniques while prioritising honesty, quality, integrity and durability before anything else. Their items have been deliberately manufactured to display the traces of individual craftsmanship and the beauty of the ceramic material. Every single creation contains the knowledge and passion of their skilled staff.

So whether it’s a wedding gift, a special birthday or house warming present or simply a gift for yourself – there are plenty of options – check out DENK’s beautiful ceramic items here at treehugga.com.au.

Which DENK ceramic suits you? Three beautiful materials are used for the Outdoor Wax Burners – here’s a little more info to help you decide which one is for you!

We love the CeraNatur::TreeHugga.com.au
Ceranatur Dimensions: h 14.5 cm / w 20 cm / 3.5 kg

CeraNatur –is an unglazed, completely natural ceramic and based on a sandstone-coloured clay locally quarried in the Coburg region of Germany. CeraNatur® is fired at a high temperature to ensure it is robust and frost-proof. It is pleasantly smooth and stain resistant with naturally changing brown tones so its colour ranges from light beige to natural brown with a classic Mediterranean look of weathered terracotta.

DENK XL Granicium::treehugga.com.au Outdoor Wax Burner Granicium::treehugga.com.au
~XL Granicium Dimensions: l 28.5 cm / h 11 cm / w 16.5 cm / 3.7 kg ~
~ Granicium Dimensions: h 14 cm / w 19.5 cm / 2.9 kg ~

Granicium - is the world’s only granite ceramic. A beautiful modern shade of silvery grey. Using effective microorganisms and lactic acid cultures, DENK transform granite powder from the quarry into malleable “granite clay”. A great deal of care and specialist technique is required to make it into each unique piece. Granicium® is made at a very high firing temperature. It has the same properties as its mineral starting product and is very durable, frost-proof and robust and has a classy, elegant look.

Ceralava Outdoor Wax Burner::TreeHugga.com.au  Ceralava Outdoor Wax Burner::TreeHugga.com.au
Ceralava Dimensions: h 14.5 cm / w 20.5 cm / 3.3 kg

CeraLava - is developed from ore-rich lava sand. An anthracite-coloured (almost black) ceramic, whose vibrancy and modern appearance looks beautiful with fire. As well as being a truly original material, CeraLava® is as robust as it is frost-proof. Despite its monochrome surface, this special ceramic radiates both warmth, depth and gives a stylish, refined look.

For further information on any of DENK’s products or accessories please do not hesitate to contact us here at Tree Hugga.

The most essential of Essential Oils

Samantha Watson - Monday, October 24, 2016
doTerra Essential Oils::treehugga.com.au

The Introductory Pack by doTerra makes a wonderful neat little gift for friends and family and are also a great way of starting your natural health journey with these magical essential oils. 

Containing three of the most popular doTerra oils in handy little 5ml sizes – Peppermint, Lemon and Lavender – you will find numerous uses and love the purity, quality and excellent value these little pots of magic bring to your life. Click here to place your order and get your Christmas gifts organised and underway!

What do I use it for? Here are some fabulous ideas to get you started on your wonderful oily journey.

Peppermint Essential Oil::treehugga.com.au

Peppermint pure, refreshing, makes you tingle all over – many wonderful uses such as:

  • to help you cool down - keep a spray bottle of water with a few drops of Peppermint Oil in the fridge for a few hours – very handy for those hot hot HOT summer days! 

  • to support healthy breathing – simply take a whiff and it will help clear your airways. You can also dilute a drop of Peppermint Oil with some coconut oil and place under your nose when feeling stuffy to support open airways and help you breathe more easily.  

  • for hot sweaty feet -add Peppermint Oil to a cold compress and cool down your tired, hot, overworked feet.  

  • for stinky breath - use a drop of Peppermint Oil in water for a healthy, refreshing mouth rinse, add a drop of Lemon Oil too, gargle and rinse & you will be ready for any close encounters!  

  • simply take a deep breath – inhale deeply to invigorate lungs and increase alertness.  

  • when feeling stressed - apply a drop to the back of neck and forehead to relieve tension and pressure, add a drop of Lavender Oil too for increased affect and to calm you down.  

  • for your joints - Peppermint Oil can help to cool stiff sore joints without taking an ice bath. It helps to soothe occasional soreness in muscles and joints.  

  • as a tummy calmer - rub on the stomach or take internally for calming digestive discomfort, ensure to dilute with coconut oil or water for sensitive tummy’s and skin! 

  • for a minty twist - add a drop of Peppermint Oil to your favourite cacao or chocolate smoothie / shake for some minty freshness. Or add to chocolatey baked goods, bliss balls or any other sweet yumminess of your liking!

  • calm those hunger pains – diffusing Peppermint Oil will help reign in the urge to snack on junk food. It’s a good way to control appetite and to calm hungry tums.  

  • to wake you up – and as a pick me up. Peppermint Oil can revitalize you, refresh you, stimulate your senses and help wake you up. Take a deep breath straight from the bottle or pop a drop on a hanky and breathe it in deep. 

  • to un-block writer’s block – or any other creative blockages. Peppermint Oil can support blood circulation and leave you feeling rejuvenated to keep those creative juices flowing. Simply spritz Peppermint Oil mixed with water on yourself or clothing before study time for improved concentration and alertness or diffuse with Lemon Oil while studying to keep you alert and fresh.

Lemonpure, invigorating, cleansing and refreshing – love the aroma of fresh lemons with many wonderful uses including:

  • for yukky smells – diffuse Lemon Oil to eradicate undesirable smells in your home, its great at neutralizing unwanted odours and will even freshen up & help remove the smell of new paint.
  • to pump life into your water – add a drop or 2 of Lemon Oil to cold or warm tap water to give it that refreshing flavour. 

  • to remove the sticky stuff – Lemon Oil is great at removing unwanted stickiness, from kids sticky mess, marker pens, sticker residue to even removing chewing gum on carpets or furniture.
  • for the car – helps to freshen up bad odours from pets, kids or long journeys, a few drops on a tissue or cotton balls over the air vents to help keep the car fresh. 

  • to wake up & perk up – diffuse Lemon Oil to brighten and energise your mood and start your day feeling fresh. 

  • for your health & wellbeing - a couple of drops of Lemon Oil in water first thing in the morning boosts your vitality, wakes you up and is an excellent way to start the day.

  • to pamper those tired feet – a few drops of Lemon Oil with Tea Tree Oil and diluted with some coconut oil massaged into tired, dry and cracked feet – does wonders!

  • for a zesty flavour boost – add a few drops of Lemon Oil when you are out of fresh lemons – for fish, stir-fry’s, cakes, lemon meringue pie or simply in warm water with honey as a soothing drink. 

  • as a pick-me-up – try rubbing a drop of Lemon Oil in your hands and breathe in the aroma or rub on the back of your neck or through your hair – time to wake up!

  • for cleaning – mix Lemon Oil with water and vinegar in a spray bottle for cleaning surfaces and appliances, it is highly effective & can be used everywhere.
  • for sparkly clean glassware – add a couple drops of Lemon Oil to your washing up water and as well as smelling delicious and fresh, your glassware will be crystal clean.  

  • to preserve fresh fruit – add a few drops of Lemon Oil to a spray bottle with water to keep your cut fruit fresh until serving. 
  • for the home, laundry & more – Lemon Oil is so versatile – combine with Olive Oil to nourish leather, use as a furniture polish or add it to your dryer on a damp wash cloth to freshen your laundry.

Lavender Essential Oil::treehugga.com.au
Lavenderpure, calming, restorative and healing – my family’s most used Essential Oil with endless uses such as:

  • to soothe skin – a few drops of Lavender Oil will help soothe skin irritations, helps to heal cuts, scrapes and itchy skin.  

  • for a relaxing calming bath – add a few drops of Lavender Oil along with some Epsom or Magnesium Salts to your bath water for an ultra-relaxing indulging experience.  

  • for those tired, sore feet -  after a hard work out or a long day on your feet, rub a mix of coconut oil with Lavender Oil (plus some Lemongrass Oil for extra zing!) and massage into your legs and feet. It will help soothe sore, tired muscles and feet. 
  • to add a beautiful perfume – for cleaning with vinegar, add Lavender Oil for its sweet scent or add to washing as a fabric softener or a few drops on a damp face cloth in the dryer to freshen clothes & linen.

  • to help clear the mind – apply Lavender Oil to the temples and back of neck to lessen the effects of stress and anxiety, to promote mental clarity and help you relax.
  • for little ones a quick fix – mix three parts coconut oil with one part Lavender Oil in a roll on container to keep in your bag and to have on hand for bumps, bruises and skin irritations such as chafing.

  • for bed time bliss – rub Lavender Oil on the bottoms of little one’s feet for a more restful sleep or a few drops on the pillow or in the diffuser will bring on a good night for all.

  • for a fresh clean mattress - sprinkle a mixture of 1 cup baking soda with 10 drops of Lavender Oil over your mattress. Allow the mixture to sit for at least an hour then use the vacuum hose to clean it up. You can also combine with drops of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Clove, or Rosemary Essential Oils too.  

  • for ouchy hot burns – whether its from sunburn or an encounter with the iron or hot pan (obviously after applying the usual first aid, cold running water, ice etc.) apply Lavender Oil to the affected area to soothe irritated skin and ease swelling.

  • for a food flavour twist – use Lavender Oil for marinades, cookies, cakes and breads to add a unique and different flavour, can enhance & be delicious in the right recipe.

  • for men, an alternative to aftershave – and to soothe tender skin after razor burn as well as soften and reduce redness and have a natural delicious scent.   

  • to care for your baby belly – pregnant mums can rub Lavender Oil onto itchy tummy areas and help soothe skin and protect against stretch marks. 

For further information on doTerra Essential Oils check out our link here. And if you would like to know more or join doTerra to get wholesale access to these beautiful oils with so many wonderful benefits and uses, please contact TreeHugga here. Or to simply purchase your Introductory Gift Pack go here.

Essential Oils::treehugga.com.au

Mass Produced in China - is that the way forward?

Samantha Watson - Friday, September 30, 2016

TreeHugga for Earthy Souls

I’ve been feeling a little saddened of late and questioning what TreeHugga is about and where I am going with this. Every week I receive emails from companies in China offering to replicate products I sell at ‘special’ prices, offering deals on mass produced items which completely go against my principles and philosophy. I could literally fill my website with stuff from China, cheap, mass produced with untold consequences on many levels. They are literally able to copy every aspect of any item. But surely that completely misses the point? Let me be clear, I DO NOT do this. This is not TreeHugga’s way. This website is being funded by me, driven by me and I totally recognise and am the first to admit, it still needs a lot of work in various areas but is very slowly becoming what it needs to be, organically and naturally and my hope is that it will attract those who think in a like-minded way.

TreeHugga is for earthy souls - for those who care about our earth, the environment and making a difference, even in some small way, we can all make a difference.

You cannot replicate a fair wage, a sustainable system or a recycled product while considering environmental and social impacts and make it cheap. There is always a cost to someone (the poor bugger making it) or something (like, the earth!)  Do people even think about or comprehend the true cost of things – especially handmade, unique, beautiful things – they surely do not come cheaply but it seems these days people often expect the cheapest regardless of the unknown costs.  

My background is Sustainability. I studied for 5 years with an Undergraduate Degree & a Masters, then researched with my university for a few more with my specialist subjects being Organic Farming, Sustainability, Climate Change Impacts and Natural Resource Management. I am very thorough in what I do. I like to understand where products come from and I choose things based on 3 basic principles:

1, Whether I personally like them

2, What is their back-story? – where they are from, who made them, how & what were the effects on the environment and/or people?

3, How do they fit into the Organic, Sustainable, Recycled or Fair Trade ethos of TreeHugga?

I support the farmers, the growers, the makers, the creators, the artists, the craftsmen & women and those who need an outlet for their products. At the same time I need to make TreeHugga work as a business and find a way for it to make a living and become self-sustaining.

So I guess I am just sharing my thoughts and feelings because this has been a tough journey so far and I am sure is yet to get even tougher, with a huge learning curve that I am embracing every step of the way. And I shall continue to ignore the emails from China offering cheap, cheap, cheap prices.

I greatly appreciate all the support I have had so far on this journey and simply ask – if any aspect of TreeHugga resonates with you – please share, like or let me know your thoughts and feelings.

We have some beautiful products and more to come. Yes, some may seem quite pricey or expensive but know that you are purchasing an often unique product with a story that’s either providing fair wages for people who desperately need them (like the Everything Pouch), that’s giving back to the environment in some way (such as our biodegradable Bamboo cups & sets or body brushes) or that’s handmade and original (such as these beautiful outdoor Wax Burners). Our beautify and nurture area is growing rapidly too with an increased demand for essential oils, Magnesium and the very popular natural Woohoo body deodorant.

Please support TreeHugga by sharing the earthy love with your friends, liking us on social media or visiting us at treehugga.com.au

In love & appreciation.

Have a beautiful weekend TreeHuggas

Bamboo Cups & Sets::TreeHugga

doTerra oils::TreeHugga

The Everything Pouch::Treehugga

Are you Magnesium deficient?

Samantha Watson - Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I love Amazing Oils Magnesium Oil and have been using them for the past few months. I am going to share with you why I like it so much & why you may need some in your life. It has made such a huge difference to my health, it is clean & easy to use, doesn’t smell and you can be sure that it is pure and free of nasties.

Are you Magnesium deficient?

A few months ago I discovered that I was Magnesium deficient and apparently many of us are. I was aware of the fact that Magnesium is one of the essential minerals and required by our bodies for numerous functions but I was unaware of how easy it is to become deficient and how common it is in this day and age.

Did you know that Magnesium deficiency can lead to a number of these common issues?

Insomnia & Sleeplessness

Irritability & Restlessness

Anxiety, Stress or Depression

Muscle Soreness or spasms

Period Pain & PMS


Heart Palpitations or ‘flutters’

Fatigue or general tiredness

Difficulty concentrating

Allergies and Sensitivities

Lack of appetite

Back pain

Body odour

Poor coordination

Diabetes & Insulin resistance


Irritable Bowl Syndrome and Fibromyalgia

Kidney stones

Thyroid problems

Just to name a few!  It is important to remember that we are all individuals and there could of course be other factors involved, or aggravating the problem. Important to check with your health practitioner or GP if you are concerned.

How do I get Magnesium into my body?

Magnesium is responsible for over 300 enzyme reactions in our bodies and essential to our general health. Because our soils are so depleted these days it is harder to intake enough through even the healthiest of foods. It is possible to take Magnesium as an oral supplement but it can be a potential laxative and the body can struggle to absorb enough Magnesium through the gut in the time it takes to digest – leading to a lot of potential pill popping.

Topical Magnesium, applied to the skin is safe, convenient and highly effective. It allows you to maximize the amount you are getting daily without the worry of swallowing pills or potentially getting an upset tummy. It can be applied directly to problem areas and help with pain management without the wait for your digestive system. The skin is a living, breathing organ that is most efficient for detoxification with tremendous potential for re-mineralizing the body. Topical magnesium takes advantage of the absorptive properties of the skin, whether it’s from a simple spray, soak, or massage, giving you almost immediate results.

About ME & why I LOVE the Magnesium Roll-On

So I suffered from a combination of things – at least 5 of the aforementioned symptoms above- unfortunately not loss of appetite :(  Some of those symptoms I hadn’t even thought about before, just accepted as part of life and being a woman, mum and generally busy person.

Earlier this year I had been suffering from muscle cramps in my right leg, triggered by the also very painful Plantar Fasciitis in my foot, a stiff knee joint and spasming calf muscle – all of which I did a combination of stretches, exercise and visits to a chiropractor to ease and help.  The pain would be worse mainly at night and first thing in the morning. As soon as I started applying the Magnesium roll-on before going to bed at night I immediately felt the benefits. It does sting slightly at first, especially if you are deficient but this subsided after a few applications. Then, about a week after daily applications, I started my period out of the blue without having the usual lower back pain and stomach cramps. So then I also applied it to my lower back as well and have done so monthly ever since. I also love soaking in a hot bath with the Magnesium Flakes which I attempt to do at least twice a week. Now, I only apply the roll-on to my aching muscles and problem areas occasionally, depending on exercise frequency. All my muscle aches and pains (even the Plantar Fasciitis) are SO much better. I have no muscle spasms, twitches or isolated painful areas. And when I do cardio exercise, which is pretty infrequent, I make sure I apply the Magnesium roll-on afterwards or do a Magnesium bath soak, it really makes a difference.

I no longer suffer from period pain. I sleep better & deeper and feel I have been less anxious and generally more relaxed. I also have more energy and am able to concentrate more when required. This could of course be due to other factors in my life and healthier options that I have recently incorporated but I do feel the Magnesium is a key component and one that I will not be stopping any time soon.

About YOU!

So if you think you may be magnesium deficient or you need some pain relief for sore and aching muscles, whether it’s from illness, exercise or something else - check out Amazing Oils Magnesium products here at TreeHugga.

In love & Wellness


and a happy healthy Kangaroo in Australia!



Introducing DENK Ceramics

Samantha Watson - Friday, July 08, 2016

We are very proud here at Tree Hugga to introduce these beautiful quality, unique products to Australia, made in Germany by DENK.

DENK Ceramics::TreeHugga

Jutta and Fabian, the creators of DENK ceramics, a family business, are extremely passionate about ceramics. From the quality materials they work with to the high standards of production they use. Their methods are based on sustainable principles while protecting precious resources. They manufacture their products in Coburg, Germany, handmade using unique artisanal techniques and with staff they have personally trained while prioritising honesty, quality, integrity and durability before anything else. Their items have been deliberately manufactured to display the traces of individual craftsmanship and the beauty of the ceramic material. Every single creation manufactured contains the knowledge and passion of their skilled staff.

All their materials are free from heavy metals and other toxic or harmful substances making their ceramics food-safe. 

DENK Ceramics::TreeHugga

The unique, beautiful design of the DENK Outdoor Wax Burner provides light like a fireplace and is not easily extinguished by strong winds – an ideal combination for mood-setting garden lighting. It is safely and securely fuelled by wax and has a non-combustible, permanent, glass-fibre wick. Leftover candles and old wax can easily be used as an environmentally-friendly, recycled fuel or refill wax can be purchased here. Every Outdoor Wax Burner is supplied ready-filled with 36 hours’ continuous use of wax.

The Outdoor Wax Burner’s come in three types of material:

Granicium® is the world’s only granite ceramic. Using effective microorganisms and lactic acid cultures, DENK transform granite powder from the quarry into malleable “granite clay”. A great deal of care and specialist technique is required to make it into each unique piece. Granicium® is made at a very high firing temperature. It has the same properties as its mineral starting product and is very durable, frost-proof and robust.


CeraNatur® is an unglazed, completely natural ceramic and is based on a sandstone-coloured clay. This local clay is a geological peculiarity that is found in a thin layer of earth in the Coburg region of Germany. CeraNatur® is fired at a high temperature to ensure it is robust and frost-proof. It is pleasantly smooth and stain resistant with naturally changing brown tones so its colour ranges from light beige to natural brown. 


CeraLava® is developed from ore-rich lava sand. An anthracite-coloured (almost black) ceramic, whose vibrancy and appearance harmonises particularly well with fire. As well as being a truly original material, CeraLava® is as robust as it is frost-proof. Despite its monochrome surface, this special ceramic radiates both warmth and depth.


Braziers by DENK bring light, warmth and the romance of an open fire to your garden or outdoor space. They are easy to use, quick to heat up, hassle free and transportable. Their stylish designs, unique heat proof ceramic and sustainable production practices make these an awesome addition to any home. They are made of CeraFlam®, a unique ceramic which is permanently heat-resistant, stores heat for a very long time and does not age.

Check out DENK’s beautiful original braziers here.

DENK Braziers;;TreeHugga

When choosing a Denk product you can be sure you are purchasing something handmade, unique and of the highest quality knowing it has been produced with love and care.

I love Jutta & Fabian Denk’s motto while following sustainable practices and being respectful to nature, they feel an obligation to mankind as well as the people they work with:-

 'Our product philosophy can be summed up in three words: Quality, Usefulness and Beauty and our products ensure that beauty and goodness radiate from within. We do not support short lived, mass produced things made to wear out and throw away. Our customers can be assured they are buying a sustainable, long lasting, quality and unique item.’

and I believe their beautiful ceramics are testament to this. Check out some of their beautiful products here.

10 Surprising Facts about Bamboo That May Surprise You

Samantha Watson - Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bamboo has not had a good reputation in the past. One reason for this is due to the species used in gardening, called running bamboo, which can become invasive and be difficult to get rid of due to their long underground stems growing vigorously and each capable of creating more shoots.

The plants reputation is gradually changing as there is now a better understanding of which species is best to use in different situations.

It has also been found that bamboo grows at such a rate that can actually keep up with human consumption, making it an ideal sustainable material to use in manufacturing. Allowing us to leave the world in a better state than when we entered.

Here are some interesting facts that will give you a new found appreciation for bamboo and may convince you to buy more bamboo products from now on.

Facts about Bamboo:

  • Bamboo is a grass, not a tree.

  • It is resilient and difficult to kill. It is also the only plant that survived the 1945 nuclear bomb in Hiroshima.

  • Bamboo is present on every continent except for Europe and Antarctica.

  • It is quick growing and can reach full height in a single growing season with maturity occurring within 3 to 5 years.

  • The stem, known as the culm and the height of a fully grown bamboo plant are dependent on the species.

  • There are about 100 species used for commercial purposes of which 20% have been identified as priority species to enhance production as a way to prevent them from being over-exploited.

  • Due to their fast growing nature, bamboo can keep pace with our consumption levels and the rate of deforestation.

  • Bamboo is stronger than steel as it is very resistant to being pulled apart and it also withstands compression better than concrete.

  • In the wild bamboo can survive for more than 120 years.

  • Bamboo plants rarely flower, about once every 60 years or so and each species flower at the same time around the world.

Bamboo uses:

Bamboo has a variety of uses:


Low in fat and calories, bamboo shoots are a staple food source in Asian culture. It also is a good source of potassium and fibre. Bamboo shoots can be added to soups, salads and served as part of the main meal.


Benefits of bamboo fabric include its ability to absorb moisture, its breathability; its insulating properties work well to maintain body temperature by keeping the skin cool in summer and warm in winter.


Bamboo charcoal is created when plants five years or older are burned at a temperature of 800 to 1200 °C. The charcoal is capable of absorbing large quantities of odour rather than mask them, and this is the reason it is a great deodourising alternative.

Around the Home & For You

Bamboo is also used for making beautiful things around the home such as furniture, floors, bed linen, cooking utensils and other home decor items, the options are endless!  Check out TreeHugga for these gorgeous cups, children’s dinner sets which come in a variety of beautiful designs and these funky sunglasses.

Other things made from bamboo include skateboards, bicycle frames, helmets, bags, toys and even houses.

Environmental benefits:

Bamboo absorbs more carbon dioxide and releases 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere than other plants. It also works to prevent soil erosion and helps purify water.

With all these uses, why don't we use bamboo in more things each and every day?

Love Mae Bamboo Dinner Sets for big & small kids

PRODUCT REVIEW: Panda Bamboo Sunglasses

Samantha Watson - Monday, June 27, 2016

I am very excited to announce that we have recently had another shipment of Panda Bamboo Sunglasses and are loving all the different designs and shapes. We are even in the process of making a little video to show case their gorgeous designs. I thought the Warhol in brown was my favourite but interestingly felt it didn’t really suit my face shape so am still undecided between the Carver and different coloured lenses of the Monroe. Panda do offer guidelines as to which style suits various face shapes so check out their website here.

When Panda Sunglasses was founded 2012, they envisioned a fashion company that would not only help people in a meaningful way, but also the planet we inhabit. They are on a journey to change the environmental and social impact of sunglasses. That's why every Panda product doesn't just look great, it is also handcrafted from sustainably sourced bamboo. Their design team works tirelessly to utilise the bamboo as efficiently as possible, leaving behind minimal waste. In addition to being eco-friendly, they have also partnered with Optometry Giving Sight so that every pair of sunglasses purchased gives the Gift of Vision to those people in need. They are kindred spirits, and together they've worked to train, offer eye exams, and glasses to many 1,000's of people in need all around the world.


So if you are looking to splash out on a new pair of cool, trendy sunnies, think twice about what you are spending your hard earned cash on and check out a more sustainable option and the numerous iconic designs by Panda here. They are one size, extremely light weight with durable frames, polarized lenses with 100% UVA/UVB protection and anti-scratch lens coating. They come with a gorgeous complementary bamboo case and Panda even offer a lifetime warranty against any craftsmanship errors.

You can also be assured that you are making a difference to the planet and to those people in need by purchasing a cool pair of bamboo Panda Sunglasses here at TreeHugga.

Be Visionary Wear Panda!